How To Create a Romantic Ambiance While Taking A Bath?

Bath time is a time to relax and enjoy while forgetting all your day’s tensions and stress. But if you want to spend it with your partner, it can take the whole bathing thing to a next level. Getting a peaceful environment can be easy. But it is quite fun to create the intimate and romantic environment.

How To Create a Romantic Ambience While Taking A Bath

  • First and the most important are to clean your bathroom. The bathroom should be presentable free of grime or dirt including the bathtub, washbasin, bathroom furniture and save the bath accessory in their place instead of creating a mess around the wash basin.
  • Choose the time when there are no interruptions. Any distraction can ruin the mood. No chances of guests or guest to arrive.
  • Make sure that your partner will be free from work at the time. You should set up a time with your partner before planning anything. If the plan is a surprise, just inform your partner to be at home by the certain time.
  • Now to create the magic, first start with the items you want in your bath. It just not be too much or too fragrant. Some of the items include essential oils with different uses and benefits as well as nice smells. Rose petals bath salts or the bubble bath if you like the foamy texture of water. These are easily available in markets or you can also buy them online.
  • Don’t fill the bath before your partner arrives. Make it too hot so the water doesn’t get cold and that when you get in, it will be warm.
  • Add bubble bath when the water is running, it will make the bath more foamy and romantic. Also add bath salts as they are good for exfoliating the skin and make the skin soft. The essential oils will give an aromatherapy in your bath and make your mood relax.
  • Add rose petal to the give the romantic feel and give off a nice smell.
  • For extra touches, turn off the lights and light the simple or scented candles to give a romantic touch.
  • Create a romantic song playlist which continues to play as background music while you are in a bath with your partner.
  • Prepare a tray with wine and with some strawberries, grapes and chocolates.
  • Have the clean fluffy towels ready at hand, so when you’re out of the bath, you could use it. Make the towels warm for the extra romantic and comfortable touch.

These are some of the tips for the romantic bath with your lover, so go one, get ready and enjoy. MiamiSpas is one such online store that will help you choose the best bathroom accessories without any hassle. They are UK’s largest Hot Tub distributor offering the best customer services and latest technology products. You can make your washrooms as spacey and build it according to your taste and preferences.


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